Dear Friends, It's on a bittersweet note that we announce that Radici is now closed.

After 45 years in this business, it’s time to say arrivederci. I have met so many wonderful and supportive people through the years. Your encouragement and patronage made our restaurants a home away from home for all of us.

For those hooked on “Rudy’s Red” sauce, we will establish a support group to help you through the withdrawal. To find out how to continue to get your hands on some sauce, and find out what might be next for us, please sign up for our newsletter so we can stay in touch!

I will miss all of you and hope our paths cross again.
Ciao, Rudy

Radici is a family-owned Southern Italian eatery in the heart of Seattle's historic Pioneer Square. Just a few steps from the stadiums, mere blocks from the waterfront, and minutes from Downtown and Pike Place market. 

'Radici' means roots, and to us that means featuring locally sourced produce seafood, and meats, our own handmade pastas, and Italian cooking techniques that have been passed down from generations.

Our Pacific Northwest and Calabrian roots run equally deep, and our cuisine features the best of both worlds. We hope you'll join us for a bite at the bar, a leisurely lunch, or dinner with the best of family and friends.