this week's special // 4.24

We love reinventing things around the kitchen, and this time we've come up with what might be one of our favorite hybrids yet. Spaghetti Carbonara packaged into a larger-than-life Ravioli... 

radici seattle carbonara ravioli

We lay an egg yolk on a bed of pecorino, tuck them between sheets of our in-house pasta, and gently cook these giant raviolis to perfection. Topped with pancetta, of course. 

radici seattle carbonara ravioli special

Enjoy them this weekend! Side note - we will be open for an early happy hour on Saturday, April 26th for all of you sports fans. Enjoy $4 pints and $5 wines from 3pm-6pm. Dinner until 9pm. See you soon.

from tinello to radici...

Last June, we opened our doors as Tinello in Pioneer Square. Embraced by the neighborhood and thriving in the constant growth of the area, we're happy to say we're still in business - with one recent change: our name. 


Starting May 1st, Tinello will now be known as Radici. After being open for only a few months last year, we ran into a trademark dispute and, to avoid further complications, we have finally decided to rebrand. 

Last month, thanks in part to your generosity, we successfully raised over $18,000 on Kickstarter to help us with this process, as well as to build out a full bar in the restaurant. As you can see, our rebranding efforts are in full swing, and the bar build out has begun! 

Radici translates to “roots” in Italian. Owner, Rudy LaValle's own roots stem from the warm Calabrian soil of his native Italy. The new name reflects our dedication not only to this traditional Southern Italian style of cooking, but our Seattle roots as well, using as many locally sourced ingredients as possible. The crew, the management and the ownership remain the same. We continue to evolve and grow with an expanded seasonal menu and - very soon - a fully stocked cocktail bar. 

radici wine and salad

Our family invites you,  your family, and friends to enjoy a taste of Italy in the heart of Pioneer Square. We hope to see you there.